Zhoulong Exceed
Facebolt: Zhoulong II Re-Quip: Solunar Reflector
Zhoulong II is a dark red Face Bolt with the ancient symbol for Zhoulong carved into it. The carving has been painted with a lighter coloured red. Solunar Reflector is a Re-Quip that absorbs the light from the sun and moon. It converts the light into energy that can be used for beam attacks or to provide power for attacks. It is a silver coating on the impact hammers of the bey.
Energy Ring: Zhoulong II Fusion Wheel: Exceed
The Zhoulong II Energy Ring is carved by hand from stone, the stone used comes from the Stone Forest of Zhou Tian where the Zhou Dynasty is based. It is carved into the shape of a Chinese dragon and painted red. Exceed is a Fusion Wheel that was hand-forged by Mugen, it has three main points, called the impact hammers, which it uses for smash attacks. The impact hammers are connected by a sharp ring, which is used for slash attacks.
4D Performance Tip: Pressure Flat {{{partd}}}: {{{partdname}}}
Pressure Flat is hand carved from wood, it has four holes in it that absorb the energy from attacks. The tip part is in the shape of an XF tip {{{partddesc}}}

Zhoulong Exceed
Special Move


Zhoulong Exceed
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