This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
X-Rage Jupiter DFC140WS is an attack type bey that is somehow related to Omnirage Jupiter. It is a Stamina type and is part of the Jupiter Series.

Facebolt: Jupiter IIEdit

Zeuus/Jupiter shown the form of the Greek god Zeus (aka Jupiter), who was supposed to be the god of good & evil, weather, and was the king of the gods. In the picture shows Zeus/Jupiter with a purple cloth and olding a large lightning bolt. The facebolt is superbly heavy, weighing a whopping 13.1 grams. Only a Pro-X Tool piece can remove the facebolt, as it has a special shape. The Facebolt also is a complete circle.

Energy Ring: Jupiter IIEdit

The Zeuus/Jupiter energy ring is equivalent to the weight of Kerbecs, but with the weight balance by Bull. it is a complete circle that has a free-spinning mechanism that can either stay there or be removed on the farthermost outside of the energy ring. No free spinning action is recommended for attack, since the free spinning part can break at large impacts because it sticks out from the metal wheel.

Metal Wheel: X-Rage (Cross Rage)Edit

The X-Rage wheel is based solely for Stamina purposes. It is completely circular and hollow. Because of this, it is great for stamina. The outside is painted a mix of blue and purple paint. It has small holes on the wheel, though! Because of this, spikes pop out of the wheel, therefore being able to possess the faces of both attack and stamina.

Spin Track: Down Force Claw 140Edit

This spin track is slightly smaller than 145 tracks and has claws like Flame Sagittario . Because of this, it can do many moves with the claws and the down force.

Spin Track: Wide SharpEdit

Wide Sharp, as the name implies, is a wider version of S. Because of this, it doesn't have a lot of friction and is good with stamina, as it's as wide as WD.

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