Wong Otori

Name: Wong Su

Age: 14

Family: Anu Su (Wongs Brother)

Beyblade: Yen Gem U:D

Friends: Titi and Co. TsubasaDeathDove, Gingka and Co.

Enemies: FusionXHelios5980, Gallantmon v.X

Quotes: "Dont Give Up!"

Skin Color: White

Eye Color: Hazel

Beyblade Gear: Light Launcher 2, Finger-Less Gloves, Launcher Grip, Bey Pointer

Hair Color: Black

Gender: Male

Team: Death Gods???


He is alot like Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Always trying to be right from wrong, He is always trying to win but sometimes gets of of control and loses because of the "Dark Power". He is very strong in a way with Power but to patience he is very weak.


Wong and Anu played when they were young, when they grew up Wong's Grandfather died and left behind two beyblades -Yen Gem U:D and Ray Capricorn XD125 XWBF, Wong quickly took Yen Gem U:D and Anu quickly took Ray Capricorn XD125 XWBF, They had playful fights with the new beyblades they had. Then one day they were separated. Wong sadly tried to locate Anu. He gave up after 2 weeks, Then he trained in secret to find Anu. He battled Dark Tsubasa and got infected. He and his Beyblade grew with "Dark Power" and they fought opponents as hard as they could. Later on he found Anu. He was so happy he forgot he had dark power. He said "Lets Battle Anu!" they battled and he used his dark power on Anu. Anu got infected and soon grew with Dark Power. To this day they battle with power.

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