This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

Wildfox 2 is an attack-type bey and the 4D system evolution of Wildfox from Beyblade Vforce, and is currently at sale at 98Eagle's Beyblade Shop

Face Bolt: WildfoxEdit

This Face Bolt has the Bit Beast Wildfox in it on a red face bolt. When commanded, it can clone itself at will into three beys.

4D Fusion Wheel: WildfoxEdit

This wheel has three Fox heads on it that raises up a bit much like the Hell wheel,


The PC frame has two blue foxes on it that goes in a rightward circular movement with claws on it that can make slight smash attack.


The Core has three fox heads on it made of metal that can deal powerful attacks, but they are raised up a bit so it has not so good defence, but it has good stamina and attack. It is gold in colour.

4D Performance Tip: Blaze BusterEdit

This 4D tip is pretty bulky with good attack and balance, and can use the heat around it to power it's attack.


  • Despite being a 4D system bey, it cannot mode-change, instead it has it's bit beast that can clone the bey into three beys.

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