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Lock Locked Evo
Blader must get 5000 BP to use
Wildfang Jaguar S:R is a Stamina-Type owned by TyphlosionMaster1. It is the evolution of Feral Jaguar E:G:S. It is the final form of the Jaguar Triad.
Wildfang Jaguar S:R
Wildfang Jaguar

Face Bolt: Jaguar IIIEdit

The Face Bolt depicts a Jaguar with its paws showing, while looking to the right and having a fierce look in its eyes. It is dark-blue in colour.

4D Energy Ring: Jaguar IIIEdit

The Jaguar III ring is a three-sided wheel with three Jaguar bodies that are slightly spaced apart. This ring has AMAZING stamina powers and is the best ring for stamina. It is transculent yellow in colour.

4D Fusion Wheel: WildfangEdit

Metal FrameEdit

The Metal Frame highly resembles Diablo's Metal Frame, but it is more rounder and it has three Jaguar heads that keeps the Bey balanced by putting the weight on the outside of the wheel.


The core has very small spikes hidden under it to surprise attack the opponent whe they attack it, thus damaging them.

Mode ChangeEdit

By flipping the Metal Frame upside down, it change between Attack Mode (Fixed Metal Frame) and Stamina Mode (Free-Spinning Metal Frame).

4D Performance Tip: Stamina Reserve (S:R)Edit

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