Wild Jaguar E:S

Wild Jaguar E:S Is a Stamina Type Beyblade owned by Typh. This bey has been destroyed by Imperial Mars then fixed. It got cut in half by Divine Saviour. This Bey has since then been repaired.

Face Bolt: JaguarEdit

This face bolt depicts a Jaguar and is made of metal, making it hard to break. It's yellow in colour.

Energy Ring: JaguarEdit

This Energy Ring has two Jaguars that swirl thogether, making this ring very balanced and stable. It is yellow with black stripes.

4D Fusion Wheel: WildEdit

This Wheel is generally round with small notches and has a very complex design for the Jaguar energy ring to fit in and can only be used with the Jaguar Energy Ring.

Metal Frame: The metal frame has two jaguar tails that goes into a clock-wise circular motion, and has claw-like ridges on the underside. This part of the wheel is used to change the modes of the fusion wheel by flipping it upside down to Attack Mode or Stamina Mode. The claws are more visible in Attack Mode and gives attacking power to this Bey, while in Stamina Mode the jaguar tails are visible and are able to deflect attacks.

Core:The core is a round plastic part of the Wild fusion wheel and can even the weight of the wheel and stabilize it when it is hit by a hard attack. It's transculent-green in colour.

Generally this wheel has perfect weight to help keep up more spin-time and help with the stability to maximize both defence and stamina.

4D Performance Tip: Eternal SpinEdit

This performance tip looks like Bearing Drive but bulkier and has much more stamina. As the tip is free-spinning, it can stand the toughest of attacks. The free-spinning tip allows it to spin on any surface without any visible loss of stamina.

Special MovesEdit

Wild Roaring Tornado: Jaguar creates a tornado around it and begins to attack the opponent with great force.


Wild Jaguar E:S's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
110 90 80 180 70

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