This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

This is the queen of water.It is owend by Loubang my character name A.K.A Death Eagle aka lugonewa.Loreli is a ballance type bey.

Face Bolt:Loreli

The face bolt depicts of Loreli the sirens that lured sailors in with their songs. The face bolt shows an eye with a crescent moon in the pupil.

Energy Ring:

The energy ring is blue with the hair designs of Virgo & the waves of Cetus.

Fusion Wheel: Whirlpool

The Whirlpool fusion wheel is two spiral fusion wheels layered these spiral fusion wheels are free spinning to evade attacks.

PC Frame

It’s identical to the metal frame.

Metal Frame

The metal frame is like the Spiral Fusion Wheel but free spinning.It also has bits of spiral above and bellow the whole .When flipped over it becomes left spinning because Whirlpool Loreli is left & right spinning. When Whirlpool is le ft spinning its in Stamina Mode, when it’s right it’s in Deffense Mode.


The core is a disk to keep the rest of the fusion wheel in place it also has a rod for the PC Frame & Metal Frame free spinning.


Stamina mode

Defense mode

4D Bottom: Aerial Force

Half is white/blue is black. It is a modified version of UW145, DF145,as well as T125. It has 4 blades (Like DF145) that can be turned up for maximum attack and down for good defense/stamina. As well as those, it is possible to turn it so far up that it can float. The bottom of it is similar to EWD.

special moves:

tsunami slicing breaker

whirling tsunami typhoon blast

omega disending dive


defense 30 stamina 30 speed attack balance 30

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