This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
R5500433-Orion constellation-SPL
Warrior Orion B:D:D is a beyblade that is a relative to the beyblade Phantom Orion B:D. This beyblade shows Orion the Giant huntsman who was placed in the heavens after his death by Zeus. He was transformed into a beyblade after sacrifing some energy of the stars that create the constellation.
This Beyblade has many things different than its relative in 5D performance tip and its 5D Fusion Wheel. this beys parts are strong. This beyblade has many hidden features that other beyblades would not see coming in a battle.


This facebolt is a clear black facebolt that has little bright yellow dots to show the constellation of orion in the heavens. The purple lines connect the dots to show its full form. Together this shows the constellation Orion in space.

Energy RingEdit

This energy ring is like its relatives but colored in a Red clear energy Ring. The energy ring has the orion face leading into an evil smirk.

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