War Vir CRED:D
Face Bolt: Vir
It represents the man, the fighter. "Vir" is the Latin name for man.
Energy Wheel: Vir Fusion Wheel: War
It's a clear white colour and has Upper, Stamina or Balance properties depending on the fusion wheel mode. It can change modes between Upper mode, Stamina mode and Balance mode. In Upper mode, it resembles to the Big Bang wheel.In Stamina mode, it looks like the Burn wheel in a thicker version.In Balance mode, it looks like the Killer wheel.
4D Performance Tip: CRED:D Beynano: Regenerous
It's a Delta Drive with other tips: RF, MB, MS and MSD. It has also a mechanism inside it to change spin rotation with low velocity.If it's launched to the right: starts to spin to the left. If it's launched to the left: the spin velocity increases. It has the form of a sticker. It's attached to the face bolt. It can contain enough energy for one spin(which means that when you activate, the bey gains 100% of spin velocity when it was launched).

War Vir CRED:D
*War Tactics (Ignition): Vir switches on automatic piloting, and executes one of these sequences, choice being done by the blader: - sequence Attack-Protect X2 - sequence Attack-Dodge-Protect X3
  • War Experience (Trigerred): Vir adjusts in function of the action: - if the opponent attacks, Vir tries to dodge by getting out of the trajectory of the opponent. - if the opponent dodges by getting out of Vir's trajectory, Vir changes it's path and continues it's attack on the bey. This ability can't be used against transformations or special moves, and can't be used until 30 seconds after the last use.
  • Sword-Shield Skill: Vir jumps on the opponent's face bolt and crush it with MB tip to destabalise it, then it uses RF tip to smahs it several times, all that executed with a minimum of useless movements.
Special Move
  • Warrior Spirit: A white aura environs Vir, decupling his capacities. He starts charging with incredible force, using the tips of CRED:D to attack with more power, defend with more stability, and increase stamina and dodge capacities.
  • Fury of War: A white aura environs Vir, and Vir's beast appears. Lightning shots around the arena, making holes in the ground and damaging beys if they get hit. Then, a final lightning bolt shots Vir's sword, absorbing it. Then, it emits energy spheres against the foe. Vir can concentrate the energy spheres into a point that it applicates onto the fusion wheel.

War Vir CRED:D
Attributional Information
Level: Type:
Battle Record
Wins Loses
Number: 3 Number:4
Percentile: % Percentile: %
Attack: 20
Defense: 10
Speed: 20
Endurance: 15
Balance: 15
EXP: {{{EXP}}} Influence: {{{Influence}}}

War Vir CRED:D
Once, Blade was visiting the Broceliande forest in the north of France. He discovered a stone with a sword design on it in ancient ruins. He touched it and got transported in a tunnel. He advanced in the tunnel, and got in a cave, where was the armour of a medieval knight. Suddenly the armour moved and handed him Vir along with a few other beys. Then, he ordened him to kneel and knighted him and procuring him the title of "Warrior Blader". Then Blade was transported back in the Broceliande forest and he was gone doing honour to his title.

War Vir CRED:D

War Vir CRED:D/Gallery

It is a balance bey owned by Blade0886 and is the most powerful bey of the "Warrior" bey group. It can spin to the left and the right.

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