Vulcan Anubius T:T is a bey owned by Kushan Lahiri.
Vulcan Anubius T:T
Gravity Leone

Face Bolt: AnubiusEdit

The Face Bolt depicts "Anubius". In Ancient Egyptian civilization, Anubis was the jackal-headed God of Mummification, Embalming and the Afterlife. The design features the head of Anubis, looking to the left with his jackal-headed face. It is colored in purple, but highlighted in yellow whilst printed onto a translucent blue Face Bolt.

Energy Ring: AnubiusEdit

Anubius is translucent blue that is primarily two-sided. It features round sides but with a triangular-like spike between them. The round sides also appear to have a very small gap as well. It is very similar to the Pegasus Energy Ring.

Fusion Wheel: VulcanEdit

Vulcan along with Srcew, Fang (Counter Mode), Beat, and Gravity (Counter Mode) are the Metal Wheels most right-spin Attack up to date.

4D Performance Tip Edit


Reverse Lightnin(g) Tornado (RLT): Jumps off the stadium and turns upside down in air. Throws lightning laser beam from in between of a (reversed) tornado.

Canine Scratch: Scratches opponent numerably by changing directions frequently.

Gravity Tornado: Spins very fast while taking trapped air between the pockets of its fusion wheel due to which a huge tornado rises which pulls opponent towards itself and throws them high up in the air.

Special MoveEdit

W.O.O.F.(Wind Of Original Force): The bey bends down on one side and by spinning very fast like in Gravity Tornado, projects a massive tornado at the opponent's spin track which causes it to lose its balance and tumble off.

Vulcan Anubius T:T StatisticsEdit

Vulcan Anubius T:T's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed

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