Volcano Drago F:A
Volcano Drago F-A

Volcano Drago F:A is a beyblade that own by B-Alpha and it is a stamina type .

Face Bolt: Drago IIIEdit

The face bolt feature constellations Drago one of the 88 constellation in space. Drago is a dragon in every mythology. It have 2 fearsome fang with golden chain tile on them . It also show 2 eye, 1 red 1 black looking right at you.

Energy Ring: Draco III Edit

This energy ring have tribal sharp dragon head with red color and big horn .The energy ring can igonore counter attack which also produce more stamina to it. When it hit the damage will be more than it was. The sharp horn provide defensive but also make acttack point drain to lesser to it own.

Fusion Wheel: VolcanoEdit

Volcano is similar to Hades fusion wheel but heavier and more stamina than Hades. It color is silver and when it spining you can see the color more black than before. When use Volcanic Mode the fusion wheel act like a heavy amor that can give defensive to the bey.

Performance Tip: Final Assault Edit

Final Assault look like Final Survive and easly loses balance.Performance Tip may also cause the Bey to crash on the stadium's ridges so that it could hit the opposing Bey in the middle or anywhere else in the stadium.It can change mode to dodge powerful attack. It make a perfect Performance Tip for speed and dodging.

Special MoveEdit


  • Volcanic Mode : Make the volcano fusion change to red and + more defensive skill.
  • Lava Mode : Performance tip change to Assault mode give extra ability to acttack with high hit also make it enemy defensive down.


  • Fire Dragon Strike : Create a giant fire ball form the dragon mouth and blast to it enemy make it to stun.

Volcano Drago F:A StatsEdit

Attack: {{{AN}}}
Defense: {{{DN}}}
Speed: {{{VN}}}
Endurance: {{{SN}}}
Balance: {{{RN}}}
EXP: {{{EXP}}} Influence: {{{Influence}}}

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