Vixin Kirouni (Vix Kira) is a formidable blader, she is known as The Jungle Blader, and battles with Immortal Lion Claw Obsidian.


If yō can ' t control yōr bey , then why fight?

If you can't control your bey, then why fight?


Vixin Kirouni
Biographical information
Aliases Vix Kira

The Jungle Blader

Gender Female
Age 17
Past Beyblade(s) Lord Lion (1st bey; made by her mom)

Killer Zeus (Lion reforged by mother)

Lion Murder (Lion's demon)

Lion Zeus (Lion reformed by self after death of family)

Current Beyblade(s) Immortal Lion Claw Obsidian
Relatives Gordan (Little brother; only survivor of fire)
Friends Isolde


Rivals All good bladers
Enemies Anyone
Occupation(s) Guardian of the Ghost Forest
Behind the scenes
User Evil Emperium



Vix is a tall, skinny, woman. She has long pink hair, which is a messed into a bunch of tangles and vines up and all-around her hair, and flaming red eyes.

Vix' outfit is very simple, consisting of a silk jacket, in a red colour with pink lining. She wears red shoes, and fastens her pants with a gold belt that contains Lion in a silver grass pouch and her launcher.


Vix had a rather nasty personality, putting herself in a dark corner to avoid contact, generally being very rude and stand-offish, and putting people down, however after being invited to party from Isolde, and seeing how kind she had been to her, she began to change herself, becoming nicer to people, and trying to empathise with their needs, as well as her own.


Lord Lion was Vix' main beyblade said to possess unparalel power, however Lion was lost after the fire that killed her family.

Vix now battles with Immortal Lion Claw Obsidian


Vix grew up in a small town before she was given a scholarship to the Peacemillion Academy in France, while attending the academy she struck up a friendship with Isolde the older sister of Cherrosée Vix would dorm with Isolde at the academy.

The day her parents died was like any other day. She woke in a daze like usaul, she went downstairs for breakfast. Gordan exclaims to Vix that it is a nice day, and she says that they should go to the park to play. After about an hour, Vix hears a noise in the distance. She decides it mustn't matter. She hears fire sirens in the distance and starts to worry about if her parents and older brother are ok. She and Gordan rush back to the apartment building to find ashes and no survivors.