This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

BB-002 Valley Equinuous is the third (First being BB-000) release in the Micro Disk System Beyblades. It is a Class A top. It is owned by Konin.

Trajectory Cap: EquinuousEdit

Equinuous resembles a profile emblem of a Horse, etched in metal powder and slightly raised. (Trans. Umber)

Contact Ring: ValleyEdit

Valley is a circular ring with a raised pattern resembling straight "blades of grass". It focuses on consistent touch-based hits and autonomous travel.

Spinpoint Shaft: TallEdit

This is the second-highest shaft. It is focused on downforce smashing. (Trans. Amber)

Body Shell: Shallow Wide Edit

Lowest body shell, focuses tilt attacks and optimum travel. (Trans Umber)

Spin Point: Matted Semi-FlatEdit

This is a semi-flat tip with a grainy-textured plastic surface. It is focused on travel control recommended for lighter Beyblades. (Gray)

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