Valentine Cupid D125CS
Valentine Cupid D125CS is a balance-type beyblade owned by TsubasaDeathDove

Face Bolt: CupidEdit

The face represents Cupid or Eros, god of love and son of Aphrodite.

Energy Ring: CupidEdit

The clear wheel gives an impression of a rose with two arrows goin through it. The colour is pink with red arrows.

Fusion Wheel: ValentineEdit

The looks like three hearts joined together with their pointed sides facing inwards. This shape provides the bey with an amazing defence from all low attackers.

Spin Track: Defence 125Edit

The spin track is not the ordinary D125 with the defensive ring in the centre, but the ring can be altered to change modes. While the defence ring stays in its original D125 position, the bey is in balance mode where it has a decent attack, but when the ring is altered to be at the very top of the performance tip, the bey switches to a ultimate defence mode, where it can block even the toughest attacks.

Performance Tip: Coated SharpEdit

The performance tip is a flawless CS which provides a great attack and defence. The tip acts like a normal CS, having all its strengths but lacking all its flaws. The tip can be used for both attack and defence, though its agressive nature make it better for attack types.


Cupid's Bow:

Heart Rage:

Valentine's Card:

Special MoveEdit

Love Trumps All: Cupid draws love from every blader on fanon and forces the opposing beast to fall in love with it, it then makes the opposing bey destroy itself to show it's love for Cupid.


Valentine Cupid D125CS's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
70 30 110 50 40

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