This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

Universal Pegasus BB3 23H:S59 is a Balance-type beyblade used by Neo Spizoid from Beyblade: System Saga was also used by RenKrawler17 but he gave it to LeoneMaster. It will appear in Beyblade: System Saga, The Darkness Bladers, Team Elemental Warriors, Beyblade: Battle of the Bladers, and possibly Beyblade: Age of Darkness.


Face Bolt: The Pegasus Face Bolt is a special Face Bolt because it is glittery and like most other Face Bolts, it helps keep the beyblade parts screwed together.

Energy Ring: The Pegasus Energy Ring feels smooth when you touch it, but when it's battling and the other bey attacks, it make a huge spike attack!

Fusion Wheel: The Blade Blow Fusion Wheel is used to make the other bey wobble and lose energy cause the Blade Blow Fusion Wheel is Platinum and rough!

4D Clear Wheel: The 3mm 4D Clear Wheel is cool because of its height, when you launch it, it aims for the bottom tip of the other bey!

PC Frame: The 23 PC Frame can move 2 ways: left and right. When at right mode, the bey defends itself by cutting through the attack and use a slicing self defense! When at left, the bey dodges the attack and knocks out the bey!

Metal Frame: The Hover: Metal Frame is flipped for attack mode, but when the frame around it is pushed down, it makes a stamina mode because the Metal Frame folds and protects the bottom.

Core: The S Core is a strong core that helps the bey's speed.

Spin Track: The 5 cm Spin Track is like the 4D Clear Wheel except when you launch it, it aims at the Face Bolt of the other bey!

4D Bottom Tip: The 9 4D Bottom Tip is used to help the bey Balance because it has good stamina, powerful speed, great defense, awesome attack, and best of all: perfect balance!

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