Undead Slayer
Face Bolt: Slayer

Representing a skeleton brought back to life. Fantasy from Medieval Times or the Dark Ages.

Energy Ring: SlayerEdit

This Energy Ring is similar to Ray Striker's and Rock Leone's, but the Energy Ring is the two combined plus 1 horn which is the spike.

Fusion Wheel: UndeadEdit

This Wheel has tiny spikes for great attack, but it would have a very small recoil but dealing greater damage oponnent. This Wheel is down like Counter, Rock, Killer, so the Energy Ring can deal damage.

Spin Track: SP145 (Spiked Track)Edit

Like W130, the track is a lttle loose for a littel more stamita. When the spikes are touched, the opponent take a little dammage since the track is loose and the spikes are a little bigger than than the Wheels spikes.

Performance Tip: WSB ( Worn Spike Ball)Edit

Earth Virgo's Spike Ball Tip has very poor stamita, but this Tip is worn out so it is like Ball, but with more defence and stamita. This Tip is also wider than Spike ball or Ball.

If the spikes on the Wheel were longer it would take large recoil.

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