poseidon bey spirit

poseidon is ultrakai's most uncontrolable beys so he does not use him in risky battles. This is a 4d bey

face boltEdit

the face bolt depicts a tidal wave with a man with a golden helmet. that man is poseidon one of the 99 contsillations?

energy ring: poseidonEdit

the energy ring is dark blue and has wave like feeatures similiar to aquario. it has blue waves below its original metal wheel.

metal wheel: tsunamiEdit

total weight 85.97 grams. tsunami can produce tidal waves and cover an entire stadium. it has a wave shpe like hyper.

pc frameEdit

the frame has 2 modes: surf mode and ocean mode surf mode is calm and ocean mode can make him spin 500 miles per hour around a stadium. it has a wave like design. it is gold in colour.


the core has a giant star shape that can slash opponents. it is cololured pink.

4D performance tip final spin f:SEdit

f:s can spin around a stadium with fast speed but it gets too out of control. final spin also has 3 other modes. f:s has a blue eraser like shape.

  1. f.s (final stamina) when it feels weak at the end of a battle it brings out all of its stamina
  2. u:a (ultimate attack) when it is hit by a powereful hit it comes back and hits it harder.
  3. d:s (dark spin) it jumps high and hits the stadium and floods it. it also gives no mercy and destrouys beys.

special movesEdit

ocean wave blast: it shoots out a giant tidal wave and floods the opposing bey.


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