Lock Locked Evo
Blader must get 3000 BP to use
Tsunami Delphis DF105C²S is a Balance-Type Beyblade that will be owned by TyphlosionMaster1. It is the evolution of Aqua Delphis G125MD. It is the brother of Snowstorm Delphius FD130CS. It's evolution is Hydro Delphis X:W:T.
Tsunami Delphis DF105C²S
Tsunami Delphis

Face Bolt: Delphis IIEdit

  • Weight: 2.1 grams

The Face depicts a dolphin that swirls around in a whirlpool. It has a text where it says DELPHIS in a wavy pattern. It appears on a dark blue Face Bolt.

4D Energy Ring: Delphis IIEdit

  • Weight: 5.3 grams

The Energy Ring has four dolphins that circles then ring so it keeps the bey balanced while helping the fusion wheel with defense. It is used for defense against aerial attacks. It is very balanced due to its weight. This ring is filled with water.

4D Fusion Wheel: TsunamiEdit

  • Total Weight: 41 grams

Metal FrameEdit

  • Weight: 21 grams

The Metal Frame has a whirlpool-like design. It has good attack and stamina because of its round shape. It can leak water into the opposnig bey when they comes in contact with it, causing them to get unbalanced, due to the water that are inside them.


  • Weight: 20 grams

The Core has a very round shape used for defense and stamina purposes. It puts all the weight of the metal frame on the outside so it will have lots of balance and stamina power.

Mode ChangeEdit

By flipping the Metal Frame upside down, results in a mode-change between Attack Mode and Stamina Mode. In Attack Mode, the Metal Frame is fixed, which results in higher attack power. In Stamina Mode, the Metal Frame is free-spinning (similar to Kreis Cygnus) which is used for defense and stamina properties.

Spin Track: Down Force 105 (DF105)Edit

  • Weight: 3 grams

Down Force 105 is like the opposite of Wing 105. Aside from the same height, Down Force 105 has four wings that are meant to provide extra weight and push air upwards in left spin, while Wing 105 is meant to push air upwards in right spin. However, Down Force 105 and other tracks like Armor Defense 145 and 145 are relatively outclassed by Tracks like 85 and Triple Height 170.

Performance Tip: Change Coat Sharp (C²S)Edit

  • Weight; 3.4 grams

The C²S tip is the upgrade to the CS tip, in that it can change tip from RF (Rubber Flat), S (Sharp) and RSD (Rubber Semi Defense). These tip-changes are done by adjusting the sharp tip in C²S. It is transculent black in colour.


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