This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
I got creative beyblade juices flowing and i'm trying to make as many beys as i can so heres number3 for non rpb!

Face Bolt: CheetahEdit

The face bolt depicts a cheetas head growling with the word Cheeta Written in black. It is atomic green colored.

Energy Ring: CheetahEdit

The energy ring is similar to lynx being bolth wild cats. It has claws sticking out from 4 sides of the energy ring with black spots on them in between is a line also with spots on it. It's main color is dandelion with black spots.

Fusion Wheel: TsunamiEdit

This fusion wheel has spikes like poison only scrunched on 4 sides of the wheel. In the middle are spikes on 2 sides and small ball-like formations on the other 2 sides making tsunami a very unique wheel.

Spin Track: 90Edit

This spin track is the second lowest spin track there is right behind 85. It is used in most attack type combos such as Quetzalcotal 90WF or Wing Pegasus 90WF. It is a small track good for battling beys that are moderately high or high. It would have the disadvantage against Flame Byxis 230WD or Duo Uranus 230WD because of there hight.

Performance Tip: FlatEdit

The flat performance tip is used in most beys. It is usually used if attack combos are needed, need of attack and smash attack, or need of speed for circling around the stadium.


Aqua Claw: Cheetah strikes the bey fiercely with it's fusion wheel.

Water Rapids: Cheetah circles around fast and gives a barrage of attacks.

Water Defence: Cheetah defends itself with a defensive menouver and when beys attack it barrages.

Special MoveEdit

Tsunami Jet Boost: Cheetah causes a tsunami which it rides. It gets propelled at extremely high speeds to slam into the bey along with the tsunami flooding the stadium where it finishes its final impact into the opposing bey and then Cheetah bursts out of the water. The stadium defloods itself and Cheetah goes back on the ground.

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