Fusion's Mom: Wake up honey it's time to go to Beyblade Camp!

Fusion: Camp already? Oh man okay I'm going to go take a bath.

Fusion's Mom: Okay, But hurry up we're suposed to be there at 8:30 AM and it's 7:40!

Fusion: OKAY!

Meanwhile after Fusion takes his bath and puts some clothes on.

Fusion: Okay Mom I'm ready! Oh wait I gonna get Helios from my room!

Fusion's Mom: Okay let's go!

Fusion and his mom arrive at the Beyblade Camp.

Fusion's Mom: Okay I love you Fusion have a good day!

Fusion: Ya Ya Ya bye Mom.

Fusion: Woah! This place is HUGE!

A mysterious voice: Hey there! Are you new too Beyblade Camp?

Fusion: You can say that.

The mysterious voice: Well Hi, My name is Gingka!

Fusion: Hi Gingka.

Gingka: So do you know what Element Dorm You'll be staying in? It depend on what your bey's element is.

Fusion: Well, my bey's element is Fire and Magma and etc.

Gingka: Then you'll be staying in the Blaze Dorm.

Fusion: Okay but is their anyone else in there?

Gingka: Yes, his name is Kai and he bey is Blaze Dranzer.

Fusion: Cool! What Dorm are you staying in Gingka?

Gingka: I'm staying in the Space Dorm,Pegasis' element is Space.

Fusion: You have Pegasis? What's it's full name?

Gingka: Universe Pegasis WW125LS.

Fusion: It sounds cool!

Gingka: You might wanna take those bags to your Dorm Fusion, They look heavy.

Fusion: Oh yea that's right, It was nice talking to you Gingka, see you in few hours.

Gingka: Okay!

Meanwhile when Fusion walks into his Dorm.

Kai: Hey.

Fusion: Hey,so your Kai right?

Kai: Yup

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