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Team Delta Triangle
Also known as:

The Delta Triangle


The Triangle of Power

Biographical Information
Team Type: All
Lead By: Toby Hawk
Allies: No one, yet

Anyone who poses a threat against us,

Main Element: Wind, Fire, Earth, Water, Space, and the Unkown Element

The Delta Triangle is a group of Beybladers that can stop an unknown, great evil. Carmer Ville, a young Beyblader, is trying his hardest to find the other five Bladers before it's to late. The Delta Triangle has six points. Four of the points represent the four elements, one represents space, and the last is unknown.

The Delta Triangle has six different elements; Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Space, and the Unknown Element. If you would like to try to be part of the Delta Triangle, leave a comment on Carmerville's User Page leaving your user name, character name, and Beyblade name. Also write the question: Can I join the Delta Triangle?

Beyblader Beyblade Represents
Carmer Ville Galaxy Perseus U:TD Space
Ryan Burns Flame Arrow T125S Fire
Jonathan Flight Earth Bucerius 145WB Earth
Aaron Kin Surge Colotes 105F Water
Munro Golds Insanity Theseus SW145RD Unknown
Toby Hawk Storm Corvus ED145WD Wind


  • Most of the Beys in The Delta Triangle Sequence represent real Beys

(Example: Colotes-Lacerta, Arrow-Sagittario, Caetus-Pisces, Balaena-Cetus, Gladius-Destroyer, Accipiter or Screo-Eagle, Vespertilionem-Libra, Ursa-Orso, Aevus-Tempo, Anguis-Serpent, Rhinocerotis-Striker, Arietem-Aries, Vulpes-Fox, Bubalus-Bull, and Canis-Kerbecs)

  • Almost all Delta Triangle Beyblades are named after Latin words


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