Vol. 1, Issue I January 1, 2012

Character Review

By: ReconStrike Commando Tao is a strange old man from the series Beyblade, he makes up strange quotes and teach's Tyson how to dress like a girl. His name makes him seem quite wise but reality-wise he is a Strange old codger.

Episode Review

By: Gallantmon v.X

For the first issue of The Blader, I thought it'd be proper to start off with a review on the 1st episode. That's right bladers, I shall review Day of the Dragoon (also known as Explosive Battle! Go Shoot!). In this episode, we meet Tyson, a young boy who loves to play Beyblade is practing martial arts with his grandfather. Tyson and his granddad are practicing martial arts when Tyson has to run for a Beybattle with the strongest Beyblader in town, Andrew, only to find that he has been defeated by a member of the Blade Sharks, Carlos', who claims his opponents' Beyblade as his own on his victory. Even with the modification and high defense, Tyson defeats Carlos bey. The story isn't over, as the leader of the Beysharks, Kai, appears and Tyson tries to make him pay for what destroying all of the stolen Beyblades. The two ready their Beys and as they Let it Rip and clash in battle. This episode was great. It had action, humor and entertainment, and with it being the first one, showed good signs for what was up ahead. Some improvements could have been the suspense. It would have been alot better if the episode ended without Kai revealing himself, that way the viewers could have pondered and wonder, giving them more reason to tune in.

Final Review: ★★★★

Beyblade Review

By: Desboy96

This Months Reviewed Beyblade: Savior Mk3Edit

This months reviewed beyblade is of Gallantmon v.X's Savior Mk3. It is a powerfull beyblade with several mode changes and track modes. It comes with its own customized launcher known as Excalibur. Its fusion wheel and energy track are based on producing the main conditions for its spin tracks. Each spin track has its own unique function and are thin enough to be connected and disconnected but with each advantage there is a disadvantage to the tracks. The preformance tip is also used to maintain and store energy to utilize the many modes of Savior. Savior Mk3 is designed to utilize every one of its abilities to stratigize and manipulate the battle in its own direction.

- Check out this incredible bey HERE! Ben10 waybig 174x252

Fun Stuff

By: Titi and Co & Gallantmon

First five to complete and submit their answers to, get 5 EXP per correct section :D

Mystery ImagesEdit

Mystery Image

Guess the CharacterEdit

  1. Im 5'3" (160 centimeters) Tall
  2. My Birthday is on the November the 23rd.
  3. Im the number #1 blader but unfortunatly i'm not the leader of my team.
  4. Season One, I was a cocky, confident, and fearless Blader.
  5. I won 40 matchs, and lost 13 matches
  6. My Brother Gave me his Cap.

Crossword PuzzleEdit


Last Month's AnswersEdit

Should Have Been

By: Gallantmon v.X Greeting Bladers. Welcome to this months Should Have Been. This month's should have been, is the outcome of the BBA tournament. Personally I believe that had the producers not forced "The Chief" to face off againts Kai, he would have a bigger boost as a character. Ray vs Tyson was great, but Kai vs Max was a sleeper. Even with Dranzer Max lost. Had it been Kenny vs Max, we could have seen more action, more suspense. The battle would have lasted longer. Not only that, but Kenny would have greater confidence after this. Placing 3rd or 4th would be a better start to the show, than not even placing, but hey, thats just my opinion.


By: Titi and Co

This Month we interviewed Desboy96, or we call him Des.

1. What inspired you to create the BFB?

  • Des: Well, There was RPBing before it was now.It was extremely flawed So I decided to fix it and with that. There must have to be order and that order came to be the BFRB, which is now the BFB

2. What's your favorite fanon bey? and why? (not including your own)

  • Des: I'll go with Delta, as a Homepage to Callum.
  • Titi: and the reason?
  • Des: Its an impressive beyblade and the first ever bey evolution.

3. How have the people at fanon shaped your wiki experience?

  • Des: Made it a hell of a lot busier.

4. What's your favorite fanon memory?

  • Des: Hunter vs Callum

5. Who do you think your greatest rival/challenger is?

6. What do you do in your spare time when your not on Fanon or Main Beyblade Wiki?

  • Des: Hang out with my buddies outside or play video games. I also enjoy video and picture editing

7. How long and what ideas did you thought about and decided to create your Fanon bey Xialong?

  • Des: Well, originally Xiaolong was going to be Flame Zurafa. But Hunt said to make an original bey, so I decided that I wanted a dragon so then I discovered Xiaolongs, and I made Flame Xiaolong 125RF. But Hunter said we should use original parts, SO I redid it again and came up with Crimson Xiaolong EF145XRS and used an original preformance tip and track and thus it was born.

8. What was it like to win your first battle? and same with losing?

  • Des: It was boring because Callum was half asleep and it was a cakewalk. My first time losing, I was really surprised and enraged into wanting a rematch which I won.
Thank you so much Des for doing the interview~

Fading into Obscurity

By: King4D

The following combos are great, but are rarely seen and therefore, Fading into Obscurity.
Defense: Basalt Pegasus II R145RS
Attack: Blitz Serpent 85/90 R2F
Stamina: Phantom Aquario B:D

Balance: Earth Bull 130RDF

Music & Artwork

By: ReconStrike Commando

This month an exciting new feature has been added to BFW; Music! Thats right Bladers, music, the theme's include the Old Beyblade Theme song and music from the Pokemon game series. To access this music all you have to do is go to the main page and click Play.

Here's an example:


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F SubscribeF Contact Us F

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