Terror Ammita EO:D Edit

Terror Ammita EO:D is the evolve of Rage Ammita A140 MWD. It is a stamina type beyblade and is owned by luigi647.

Face Bolt: AmmitaEdit

The Face Bolt dipicts Ammit, the eater of the dead. It has jaws biting the words Ammita.

Energy Ring: AmmitaEdit

The Ammita Energy Ring is completly covered in chome. It is very heavy for stamina and balance to the beyblade. It has spikes shooting out of it.

4D Metal Wheel: TerrorEdit

PC Frame: WyplashEdit

The PC Frame is coated with rubber for an attack power.

Metal Frame: DoomEdit

The Doom Met\Fra resembels chain mail.

Gearing Core: AlphaEdit

Alpha is a thin plastic disk that is made for inner balance.

Core: TerrorEdit

The Core Terror has 2 little holes that fit the spikes in the Energy Ring perfectly for max attack.

4D Performance Tip: Epsilon Omega Drive Edit

EO:D starts out as an WD, but, at low speed, this Core will transfer to a B. it has perfect balance when transfering.

Special Move: Ammita Breakout Soultaker Edit

The bey will charge at the oponent, crushing his bey. The bey will then drill the oponent into the side of the arena.

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