(Pictured above)
Zodiac Fury
Also known as: The Furies
Biographical Information
Team Type: Stamina, Balance, Attack, and Defense
Lead By: Akita Anne Nashi (BeylieverGirl)
Allies: None
Rivals: None
Main Element: Air, Earth, Fire and Water

Team Zodiac Fury

Team Zodiac Fury's logo

Team Description

Team Zodiac Fury consists of 4 bladers with elemental beys. The beys have to be a zodiac bey and has to have a element. Every sign has a element. (see below picture below.) The only two known members are BeylieverGirl with Fury Capricorn 100HF and InfinityLibra with Infinity Libra. If you are interested in joining, please leave a comment on this page or BeylieverGirl's page. Thanks!

~Team ZodiacFury

Team Zodiac Fury's MembersEdit

Here is a list of the team's known members. If you're interested leave a comment saying your username, character name, beyblade and type I would like to join your team!

Akita Anne Nashi (BeylieverGirl)~Fury Capricorn~Earth {Team Leader}

Akio Hiroki (InfinityLibra)~Infinity Libra~Air

*We are still looking for one blader to represent fire and one blader to represent water. To represent fire, you must have a sagittario, aries, or leone bey. To represent water, you must have a scorpio, pisces, or gasher. Thanks!*

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