This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

BB-023 Team Nautilus Set is the Twenty-Fourth release in the Micro Disk System. It is also the first set, which includes both class A and B battle tops.

This set includes the three following tops:

  • Equatorial Astarel
  1. Trajectory Cap: Astarel
  2. Contact Ring: Equatorial
  3. Spinpoint: Lite Semi-Sharp
  4. Spinpoint Shaft: Semi-Low
  5. Body shell: Surround Knuckle
  • Microshell 11S (Attack Major)
  1. Trajectory Cap: Microshell (Trans Bright Pink)
  2. Contact Ring: 11S
  3. Spinpoint: Shallow Flat
  4. Spinpoint Shaft: Shallow
  5. Body Shell: Neutral Maxmimum-Width
  • Microshell 11S (Balance Major)
  1. Macroshell (Trans. Bright Orange)
  2. Contact Ring: 11S
  3. Spinpoint: Tall Semi-Sharp
  4. Spinpoint Shaft: Neutral Shaft
  5. Body Shell: Neutral Balance

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