TEAM FINAL EXCALIBUR is composed of 5 members (3 regular, 1 sub, 1 supporter) and are composed of all Universal Bladers who have an excellence for attack and stamina. The bladers in the roster are: Regular members- Randi Umuzakei, Zane, and Tempo Taasari. Sub member- Lukus Rapidach. Supporter- TBA This is NOT a WBC2 Team. This is for Beyblade 5D.

Here are some templates that explain more about the team.

Team Final Excalibur
Also known as: Slashing Rage
Biographical Information
Team Type: Attack/Stamina
Lead By: Zane
Allies: None
Rivals: Tearing Drive Destroyers
Main Element: Water

Zane owns Demolition Hurricane, Randi owns Mystico Kynite, Tempo owns Basalt Bat, and Lukus owns Magmatic Master.

They form in episode 21 of Beyblade 5D.

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