This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

Talon Hawkz W135FB is a balance- type bey owned and used by Churnur.

Face Bolt: HawkzEdit

The Hawkz face shows a Hawk facing the right with his beak up. In the backround is a talon, all on a red face with Green print.

Energy Ring: HawkzEdit

The Hawkz ring is similar to the Fireblaze ring, but has thicker small wings and wider wings on the side. It is a transparent dirt brown.

Fusion Wheel: TalonEdit

Talon is a strong attack wheel, similar to Quetzacoatl, but with longer blades and smaller openings. This wheel is quite thick, and sits level with the base of the wheel.

Spin Track: Wing 135Edit

W135 is esentially a 135 track, but with two large wings running down the side. It acts like DF145, but with two less blades.

Performance Tip: Flat BallEdit

A Wide Flat Tip with a hole in it that has a Ball Tip. It has moderate destabilising and Stamina properties but low Attack and Defense and is considered better than FS. It has the stability and Defense of B while having the WF/F/HF's aggressive movement, making it have one of the best Stamina out of all the Attack type tips. For Stamina, FS is better than FB.

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