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Suika Hagane is the main charater of The Rising Shadows and is one of the main living Aura Readers. Her partner is Hurricane Pantra 125RF. Her nickname is "Little feather" by Plazma Knights. Suika made her debut appearance in The Rising Shadows - chapter 1 Dawn of a new era.



Suika Hagane

Suika has large red and spiky hair like her brothers Ginga and Seth. She wears a forward facing light yellow scarf around her neck, an darker yellow Tshirt and a pair of light blue throusers. She als wears a dark browb belt around her waist and a pair of dark blue gloves going to her elbows.


Suika is a caring, emitional and devoted blader who is willing to fight for her friends.

Battle recordEdit

Ginga: tie

Daisy Win (metioned chp 4)

Kyoya win

Fin Win

Holyn Win

Umbra win



  • Despite her skills as a blader Suika is not the best cook
  • Her partner Hurricane Pantra is one of The 12 Crusaders of the dark war
  • Her Creratior Manakete-girl while creating Suika did no know what suika meant and thought it meant Water Fire
  • Suika's name means watermelon in Japanese
  • She has been in almost all of and Beyblade fanon's Manakete-girl's Stories execpt This time.. and Beyblade rangers

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