this bey is owned by ultrakai. its evolution will be static crow v:v

Stun crow

face bolt:crowEdit

the face bolt depicts a crow screeching. crow represents corvus one of the 88 constellations.

energy ring:crowEdit

the energy ring is black and has crow beaks on each side of the energy ring.

has 2 modes wing slash mode (which makes him super fast) and strike mode (which makes him attack 10 times at once). (pc frame changes mode)

4d metal wheelEdit

the metal wheel has sharp red and black wings and its metal frame weighs 4.4 grams and his pc frame weighs 6.8 grams. on metal frame there are red and black designs. there are 2 modes in the metal frame. (thunder blaster mode which makes crow be sorrounded by lightning) and (combat mode) which allows crow to be all attack and to boost his attack power. these modes combined with the pc frame are: wing slash thunder blaster mode(which makes the lightning spin super fast that it dissapears) wing slash combat mode(which makes it fast and strong attacking) strike combat mode(which makes it attack 10 times at once very hard) and strike thunderblaster mode(which allows it to shoot lightning once equal to 10 times).

4d tip E:DEdit

stun crows 4d tip E:D for evil drive has a special tip change. the tip can change from E:D to ice E:D or from E:D to Fire E:D ice E:D allows you to freeze the stadium and your opponent. fire E:D allows you to set the stadium on fire or set your opponent on fire.

signature moveEdit

stun gun wing: crow flies into the air and strikes his opponent with lightning stuning them. he then gets to shoot a blast of lightning at the stunned opponent.

special moveEdit

crow thunderstorm: crow spins at a high velocity and lightning appears and thunder is caused bacause of the high velocity and crow engulfs the stadium with black energy and lightning.


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