Strata Susanow is a stamina-type bey that belong to Dewa DeeGee. Susanow is the god of the sea and storm in Japanese mythology.

Face bolt: Susanow Edit

Depicts Susanoo, the god of the sea and storm in Japanese mythology. It's in pearl-white color.

Energy Ring: Susanow IIEdit

The evolution of the Susanow II. It's in purple color, the design is similar to the Eagle.

Fusion Wheel: StrataEdit

Strata is a good stamina and defense wheel. It's shape is very similar to Earth, but it's in 2 wings. Its main feature is a free-spinning metal frame much like ED145 spin-track.

Metal frame:

The metal frame is similar to the Earth wheel. It has also a tribal patterns on its side. This tribal patterns help to performing the free-spinning move to make an unsmashable bey.


The core is a simple core. It's shape is only rounded. This rounded shape with no gaps, or spikes make the metal frame free-spinning. And it makes it's a best stamina wheel.

4D Performance Tip: C:D Counter DriveEdit

C:D is a best stamina performance tip. It's normal mode is EMS (Eternal Metal Sharp) bottom, when it got attacked, it will turns into EDMS (Eternal Defense Metal Sharp) with rubber around the D bottom. The EMS mode will make a good stamina, because of it's made of metal and it's free spinning. And the EDMS mode makes it like CD, EDS, and MS fused together.

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