This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
BB-014 Stormshade Hydronix is the fifteenth release in the Micro Disk System. It is a class-A top.

Trajectory Cap: HydronixEdit

Hydronix is the literal symbol for Aquario, with "implied" eyes inbetween the waves. (Trans. Sapphire)

Contact Ring: StormshadeEdit

Stormshade is a Class-A Ring. Stormshade has a lightly-embossed designed, with a pattern of precisely cut tear drops with a partially recessed middle surface. This is a particularly subtle yet balanced component.

Spinpoint: Neutral FlatEdit

Neutral flat is a standard-height flat tip with an even surface area for speed and travel. It compares to the Metal Fight Series' F tip. (Trans. Turquoise)

Spinpoint Shaft: Shallow ShaftEdit

The lowest shaft to date. This shaft lowers the contact ring impact area while allowing effective recoil patterns. (Trans. Turquoise)

Body Shell: Shallow/WideEdit

Lowest shell, focuses on travel and a much lower impact range. (Trans. Sapphire)

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