Storm Senator 125BS is a Beyblade appearing in Beyblade: Metal Tides, it is owned by Echizen.

Face Bolt: Northern CrossEdit

Northern Cross is an uncommon Facebolt that was generally associated with being effective on even generic clear wheels. It is however extremely selective with Beybladers and only one so far, even in this canon, has been able to properly control Northern Cross or are able to use a distinctive effect to their advantage. (Ceramic/Opaque White)

Clear Wheel: Senator ATK.Edit

Adopted patterns of the first two mentioned, except with fully engraved words to represent the type. Or an abbreviation of said category. This one in particular has 'ATK.' engraved on the "Decal Banks". (Trans. Black and Purple)

Metal Wheel: StormEdit

The Storm wheel has of three wing like forms. It is the metal equivalent of Wind. (White)

Spin track: 125 Edit

The 125 Track is a midway between the 105 and the 145 Tracks. (Trans. Dull Rose)

Tip: BSEdit

BSs performance is quite similar to that of S. (Trans. Dull Rose)


  • Echizen likely used the much more expensive Storm as a replacement for his Assembly-Inert Wind wheel, and used Senator ATK-Engrave as a replacement for the Proto wheel
  • It is the second only Beyblade in Metal Tides which has Northern Cross being summoned, in this case at least partially

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