Storm Pixis M95RF

Storm Pixis M95RF is a beyblade used by Minami in Beyblade: Metal Revolution

Face Bolt: PixisEdit

The face depicts a pixie, a small fairy.

Energy Ring: PixisEdit

The clear wheel, has a star-like design and shows two pixie wings. The colour is teal.

Fusion Wheel: StormEdit

The Storm wheel has of three wing like forms and is an offensive wheel. It provides good smash attack.

Spin Track: Magnet 95Edit

The Spin Track is the third shortest spintrack available and is good for attack customizations. The track has a magnetic core which creates a magnetic field allowing the bey to attarct and repel beyblades, this can increase attack and speed.

Performance Tip: Rubber FlatEdit

RF, as its name implies has a flat, hard rubber tip, with a small indentation on the base of the tip. Its tip has just about the same width as WF, and is the second highest Bottom next to HF/S, which makes the second shortest Track, 90, particularly useful in combination with this part. This tip is great for attack customisations. It is rubber which gives grip on the stadium floor, providing it with more defense and allowing Beyblades to move around the stadium, fast.

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