Picture 316
Storm Dragoner 145 F is the bey of Avantae AKA Raphael.

Face Bolt : Dragoner IEdit

Looks like yellow in colour. Looks like a dragon tail.

Energy Ring : DragonerEdit

Looks like yellow too in colour. It has recemblance to Striker. Horns represent the three horns of Dragoner.

Fusion Wheel : StormEdit

The Storm wheel has of three wing like forms. The wheel is a cheaper alternative for that of Quetzalcoatl, and is considered by many to be inferior to the Lightning Metal Wheel. It is also inferior to Vulcan. Storm does give some smash attack but is too light to give out a considerable attack. Its counterpart Cyber is actually better since it's design was based on the original Pegasis Wheel, which is by far the second most effective wheel of all the Pegasis releases (Big Bang is the first). Cyber, too, however, is also outclassed by other Fusion Wheels. If you look on the Japanese box for Storm Pegasus 105RF, the storm wheel seems more offensive due to the many spikes on the 3 wings.Storm Pegasis 105RF however is still a good Attack combo, due to a decent level of Smash Attack ability from the Storm Metal wheel.

Spin Track : 145Edit

  • Weight: 1.5 grams

145 is the third highest Spin Track available, along with the various other 145-variants (C145, DF145, AD145, TR145, ED145, UW145, BD145, WD145, SW145, CH120/145, R145, GB145, Etc.). 145 is used in Stamina (as well as some Defense) customs to great effect due to its tall height, which allows for more wobbling as the Beyblade loses its spin velocity. However, it is vulnerable to low attacking attack types. It is good for a wide range of Attack, Defence, Stamina and Balance. A solid Defense combo can be made with this track, such as Rock/Counter Leone/Capricorn/Aries/Libra 145WD/PD/EWD/RS

Performance Tip : FEdit

Flat, as it's name suggests, is a flat plastic Performance Tip and the pre-HWS equivalent of Flat Core (HMS) and SG Flat. (Plastic) The flat tip, gives it an offensive movement pattern but has a hard time retaining a flower pattern, due to being made of plastic, whereas Tips made of rubber like Rubber Flat have more grip to the Stadium floor. It is the most basic of the attack tips. It has no use in Attack-Type customizations due to being outclassed by Performance Tips like Rubber Flat, Right Rubber Flat, and Xtreme Flat. It is a dark blue in colour.


Battle Stats
Enemy lol Outcome
Gravity Perseus Win
Ray Pegasus with Burn Fireblaze

Lose ( Bey gets shattered XD )

Burn Fireblaze Win ( Destroys Fireblaze's track XD )
Marathon Win
Big Bang Pegasus Draw
L - Drago Destroy Win

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