Stone Monster M:B is a Defense Type Beyblade. Jkbeybattlez Is The Owner And Made this beyblade. This Is his First Beyblade.

Stone Monster M:B
Owner: Jkbeybattlez

Type: Defense

Face: (MF-H) MonsterEditEdit

  • Weight: 1.11 Grams

The Face depicts Monster A Unknown lost Beast from Galaxys Far far away. Face Bolt is " A Epic Monster" Tatoo On it.

Clear Wheel: Monster EditEdit

  • Weight: 4.92 Grams Color:

The concept is "Overview Of The Monster". The "Bolts"From The Clear Wheel Are Good for Attack. The Clear Wheel Also is Covered In Metal/Plastic.The Eyes Are Match the Metal Wheel.

Metal Wheel: StoneEditEdit

Total Weight: 48.38 Grams

Slash FrameEdit

Weight: 24.10 Grams Color: Trans Purple

The Slash Frame Is a Metal Free Spininng Frame Much like Scythe, And Has 2 Modes Defence And Attack. Defence Is a Bulky Symboled With Lots Of Cut Outs. Attack Mode Is A Sharp texture Like Death And Is Very Good For Attack.

Metal FrameEdit

Weight: 20.8 Grams Color: Trans Dark Blue/Black

The Metal Frame can Slash Both Defense And Attack. The Defense Part Is Like Fuisions But More Heavy. The Attack Is Like Big Bang. But Can Prevent More Smash Attack to Happen.


Weight: 4.20 Grams Color: Trans Purple

The Core Is Covered Of Metal And In the Middle Covered in Plastic. It is also Spike Shaped. It Fits Very good Its Frame.

4D Performance Tip: Metal Bearings

Weight: 5.85 Grams Color: Black

Metal Bearings One of the most long lasting tips. And Has The Ability Of Spinning for 9 Minutes.

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