Stellar Sentient W105HF
Black alien

Stellar sentient is an attack-type bey owned by Supersonicfan0

Face bolt: SentientEdit

the face bolt depicts a Sentient being from another planet (AKA, an alien). It shows two red eyes, the same shape as the ones on the beast. Under the eyes is the word "Sentient." the face bolt itself is black.

Energy ring: SentientEdit

The Sentient energy ring features a design of three arches with red lines running through each of them. the design of the energy ring is meant to look like the design on the Sentient beast's head. The energy ring itself is black, excluding the red lines.

Fusion wheel: StellarEdit

The metal wheel features four spikes curving clockwise around the bey. The tip of the spikes are in a point, while the base of the spikes are wide and arch backward, overlapping the other spike. the purpose of this design is to rapidly barrage the opponent's bey.

Spin track: W105Edit

Wing 105 (W105) is a variant of 105 with "wings" resembling fins, at it's sides; replacing 105's handle-bar protrusions. The wings were meant to push air similar to DF145. The wind generated is somewhat weaker than DF145, and the bey doesn't rely on it to use abilities and special moves as much. The spin track itself is red.

Performance tip: HFEdit

Hole flat has a very similar movement speed to that of F, with the main difference being a slight Stamina improvement due to the hole in the middle of the tip. This is the main source of attack, and allows the bey to move quickly. The performance tip itself is red.


  • Infinite barrage: The bey moves across the stadium in a figure-8 to strike the opponent continuously. This makes the opponent's bey go off balance and reduces their stamina. This is especially useful against defense-type beys, as it makes them more vulnerable. (not that this move is NOT literally infinite. it's called so because it moves in the shape of the infinity symbol.)
  • Tornado Barrage: The bey circles around the opponent, barraging the opponent's bey. The movement of the bey and the spin track create a wind current that keeps the bey in place, which makes the bey vulnerable for a follow-up technique.
  • Stellar strike: Unlike the previous two abilities, this isn't a barrage attack. The bey tilts itself downward and charges at the opponent's bey at an incredible speed. By tilting down, the bey attacks under the fusion wheel where it is more vulnerable. It also causes the opponent's bey to get launched into the air, where a follow-up can be used.
Stellar Sentient W105HF's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
115 45 50 80 60


  • Tornado Tower: The user creates a tornado around itself and charges toward the opponent. The bey continues to generate the tornado as it moves around, which makes it look like a tornado is chasing the opponent's bey.

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