This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
BB-027 Static Exlynk is the twenty-eigth release in the Micro Disk System. It is the only Beyblade to feature completely proprietary parts in both the shaft/tip and Body Shell. It is a Class-C2 Top

Trajectory Cap: ExlynkEdit

The cap symbol is literally the hotlinked-image red 'X', comprised of course with red metal flecks. (Pearl White, Metallic Red)

Contact Ring: StaticEdit

Static is a Class-A Ring. The texture is considerably rough, a pattern of variably embossed "blocks" representing pixels surrounding the perimeter.

Compound Spinpoint: 5B Eternalizer DriveEdit

The most complex compound spinpoint currently, as well as largest for the MDS common size. It is a five-bearing shaft tip with injected oil and a semi-sharp end. Something that separates this assisted rotation part from the rest is that there are alternating sizes and weights for the bearings inside. Each of the five have their own weight, friction, and size differences. Top bearing uses a larger circumferential width, the next two are roughly smaller than one another, and the final two are completely different that the bottom bearing is not NSK class. An additional feature of the 5BED is randomized stamina depending on the pressure applied upward from a surface.

(Pearl White with Clear Red end.)

Body Shell: Dual Support Maximum Tall/WideEdit

Another exclusivity in Static Exlynk's parts is the divided shell. The 5BED compound point is inserted into the bottom half where the top half- a clear ring- snaps in and locks it down tightly. The weight gasket tightens it more to where the parts are not rattling. Once this is assembled, the body and tip are compatible with other Trajectory Caps and Contact Rings despite the restrictive construction. (Pearl and Clear White)


  • Exlynk using a common 404 or Hotlink image was once a gag, but had been reconsidered as a legitimate Beyblade which in the fiction, is a digital virus entity.
  • 5BED is the most advanced compounded Spinpoint which falls underneath the MDS definition of doable design.
  • The technical count of parts go up to seven, but in custimization only six.

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