This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
Just one of those plastic beys that the noobies use.

Facebolt: AquarioEdit

The facebolt depicts Aquarius one of the 88 constellations in space it is the same as the regular aquario facebolt color: sea green (usually sometimes bright blue or lavender)

Energy Ring: AquarioEdit

Just like the regular aquario ring with the water formations it is colored dark blue (or sea green or dark purple) translucent: yes

Fusion Wheel: SplashEdit

Splash is a plastic wheel that is the spin off of cyber only it has more of a watery design

Spin Track: 145Edit

This spin track is a hight used by most beys it helps with defending. It's an ordinary track for an ordinary bey...

Performance Tip: Semi BallEdit

This is a VERY small performance tip. It's a smaller version of the Ball performance tip. It has good stamina since it almost basicly the sharp tip.


Drill Attack: Aquario hits the bey and drills into it.

Sky Dive: Aquario uses Drill Attack from above

Wind Strike: Aquario moves at top speed and shoots a mini tornado at the other bey.

Special Move(s)Edit

This bey dosen't really get a special move since its used by alot of noob's with different customisations this was just 1 of the many Splash Aquario's so it dosent have 1 main one but all abilitys are the same. Sorry!

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