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The Special Pokémon Beyblades are a series of Pokémon-based Beyblades that have parts based on their looks. There is three Pokémon in each Gen.

Gen 1Edit

Blaze Charizard IW105FSFEdit

  1. Face Bolt: Charizard (Trans Black)
  2. Energy Ring: Charizard (Trans Red)
  3. Fusion Wheel: Blaze (Gold)
  4. Spin Track: Inferno Wing (IW105): (Blue)
  5. Performance Tip: Fire Semi-Flat (FSF): (Trans Red)

Waterfall Blastoise AD145BDEdit

  1. Face Bolt: Blastoise (Light Blue)
  2. Energy Ring: Blastoise (Dark Blue)
  3. Fusion Wheel: Waterfall (Metallic Blue)
  4. Spin Track: Armor Defense (AD145): (Black)
  5. Performance Tip: Bearing Defense (BD): (Purple)

Gen 2Edit

Gen 3Edit

Gen 4Edit

Gen 5Edit

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