Soulless Oblivion M:D


It's owner, Outrip, does not speak often, only small things like "Metal change." or "Destroyed." He wears a full black coat and not an inch of his body has ever been seen. He traded his soul for a world class bey from the devil.

Facebolt: OblivionEdit

Oblivions Facebolt is not printed, nor does it use a sticker. Because of it's owners soul belonging to the devil, the soul of his beyblade was taken as well. And so, Oblivion has no facebolt, but instead requires sheer force to destroy it's opponent.

Energy Ring: OblivionEdit

Oblivion, is perfectly circular. It is also pure black. Because it contains metal powder, and is the widest energy ring available, it is also the heaviest.

Fusion Wheel: SoullessEdit

Oblivions soul was ripped out, and so instead of Flame Oblivion D:D, it is now Soulless Oblivion M:D. Soulless is perfectly round. It is like a hybrid of Burn and Basalt. Perfectly round and flat except for the two Devils tridents sticking out. This is just one of the many marks the devil made on this beyblade.

4D bottom: M:D (Metal Drive)Edit

<span style="font-style: normal; "M:D stand for Metal Drive. This is the only good part about the devils modifications to Outrips bey. The reason it is called Metal Drive is because it contains 3 performance tips in one; Metal Flat, Metal Sharp and Metal Ball. It is shaped exactly like D:D. </span>

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