This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
BB-018 Solstice Owl is the nineteenth release in the Micro Disk System. It is a Class-A top.

Trajectory Cap: OwlEdit

The graphic is made up of simplisitic shapes and lines to draw out a negative-emblem face of an Owl, of course. (Trans. Sand/Light Orange)

Contact Ring: SolsticeEdit

Solstice is a Class-A ring. The pattern on its perimeter is a small series of alternating, lightly embossed patterns all symbolizing different seasons.

Left to right:

Two "sharp diamonds" which represent winter

Two Chevrons which represent spring

A row of four Isoceles Triangles which represent summer

A row of forward slashes which represent autumn

This randomizes recoil strength.

Spinpoint: Neutral Semi-BallEdit

Neutral Semi-Ball is an average height tip which balances similar to Rubber Semi Flat from the Hybrid Wheel System. It aids in tilt-sensitive travel acceleration. (Opaque Tan)

Spinpoint Shaft: Semi-Low ShaftEdit

Semi-Low is the third lowest shaft. Its primary focus is contact ring destabilizing. (Opaque Tan)

Body Shell: Neutral SpiralEdit

Neutral Dense Shell is the plastic equivalent to Spiral Balance. With the exception of weight, this is basically the same concept. (Opaque Tan)

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