Sol Nova XD145 EWD Is a Defense type beyblade Owned by Crash Leone.

Face Bolt: NovaEdit

The Face Bolt depics a pheonix similar to the one seen in the photo. The face bolt is a Orange Translucent Color with the Pheonix on it is a darker non translucent orange With Nova Spelled out at the bottom.

Energy Ring: NovaEdit

The Energy Ring Depics to Pheonixes circleling it. They Both Have Spikes going down thier backs that help its defensive powers The energy ring is a Translucent Orange color like the Face Bolt.

Fusion Wheel: SolEdit

Sol is a metallic red color with four sections of blades. On every second blade there is gold design. There are 3 blades on each section making a total of 12 blades in all. The wheel is similar to the dark wheel.

Spin Track: XD145Edit

This spin track is similar to BD seen on Hell(Hades) Kerbecs but this spin track sticks further from under the bey than BD does. The XD145 spin track Blocks of attacks from below and from the side. The spin track is always sticking out under the bey and the never reatract unless broken. The spin track is a orange metallic color because it is metal.

Performance Tip: EWDEdit

The Performance tip is Eternal Wide Defense which is similar to Wide Defense But has a Free spinning axis like ES This Performance tip Has as much Stamina as ES while also have as Much Defense as WD. The performance tip is a Orange Translucent color.


Blazing Destruction Rush: The bey Presses its Spin Track against the stadium and propels it self at the other bey while destroying the arena.

Blaze Mimic: The bey Copies everything the other bey does(not abilities) and uses it against the other Bey.

Blazing Winds: They bey uses its formation of the Fusion Wheel and Energy To swirl up Air around it and uses this wind to regain stamina.

Special MoveEdit

Blazing Inferno Strike: The bey rushes around the stadium at full speed to heat up the stadium and then after it heats up it dashes into the air and comes down on the other bey while twisting in mid air and grinds the bey it touches thanks to its metal spin track.

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