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Phairus Facebolt

Slyth Phairus ACS200YXD Is the older form of Magmatic Master S:S. His owner is Lukus.

Face: PhairusEdit

The Phairus facebolt is the same as Magmatic Master's facebolt.

Clear Wheel/5D PC Frame: PhairusEdit

The clear wheel is completely circular, like Horogium. It has 3 streaks on each half of the circle. The near center of the clear wheel is metal to improve weight.

5D Metal Wheel: SlythEdit

Slyth has blades like a scythe. It has 4 blades with the blunt side facing clockwise. It gets thicker as it goes up to the sharp end of the "scythe".

Spin Track: Attack Claw Shield 200Edit

This spin track is extremely thick, weighing a massive 5.1 grams.


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