Sky Quetzalcoatl SD is a Defense-type beyblade owned by Camoclone. It is the evolved form of Death Quetzacoatl BD145MEWD.Edit

Face bolt: Quetzacoatl IIEdit

It depicts Quetzocaotl's full body. It is very similar to l-drago II.

Energy ring: Quetacoatl IIEdit

It is similar to L-drago II for it features Quetzocoatl's head. It does not contain rubber but can be spun both left and right. It contains metal fillings making it heavy and good for defense.

Fusion Wheel: SkyEdit

It is a very heavy fusion wheel. It is even heavier than Twisted. It has "scales" all over it but it is mostly circular. It has 2 modes which can change in battle. There is spikes that pop out automaticle depending on if SD (the 4d tip) is in attack or defense mode (like variaries except metal). Spickes are out in stamina for smash attacks if someone attackes.

4D performance tip:SD(Stamina Defense)Edit

This is a 4D performance tip that cant be seperated from sky they always stay together. It has 2 modes. When a beyblade touches it it goes into defense mode for 20 seconds then if a beyblade hasn't touched it in thirty seconds it goes to stamina mode. The tips are WD and EWD. Actually WD is just EWD but without it moving eternaly.


Poision Balence: With EWD mod in SD locked on so Quetzacoatl jumps in to the air landing on the opponents energy ring which does not caues quetocoatl to lose stamina because the eternal movement is the only one touching the Energy ring. This throws the opponnts bey severely off balance.

Beast: Quetzacoatl IIEdit

Better form of quetzocoatl. Picture explains everything else.

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