Silt Warnado E:D is a Left Spin Attack Type Beyblade for sale as a starter. It is a Wind Elemental Bey and is part of the Skylander Elemental Beys group.

Silt Warnado E:D

Bitium: WarnadoEdit

The Bitium shows Warnado, otherwise known as a Skylander. He has the powers of Air and this bey is naturally suited to the element. It shows Warnado in the air being propelled by a tornado. This Bitium in particular can release certain amounts of air pressure by a machine to change the conditions for the opposing bey.

HT-Disk: SiltEdit

The silt wheel is a wheel partially related to Storm, Galaxy, and Big Bang. It makes the bey have 3 large wings that each have a rubber edge to absorb the opponent's attacks while delivering a lot of counter damage. This wheel is mainly meant for counter attacking instead of delivering large blows. So this bey should mainly be used with the "counter" command in RPB. This wheel also stores large amounts of wind and can release them to do many things to the opposing bey. This HT Disk can be used in the combo Silt Tyranno E:D.

Tri-Sensor Fusion: Everlasting DriveEdit

The E:D Tri Sensor Fusion Tip for Warnado is the part that "releases" the energy of the wind. It can switch from The EWD tip to the XF tip to a specially designed tip, WaRF (Warnado Rubber Flat). The WaRF is a wider version of R2F and can create great attacking speeds. This tip is the only reason Warnado can attack at the opponent with great power instead of relying on countering. Also, this tip can release the air to create tornadoes, wind/sandstorms, etc.


Warnado Leap: The bey charges at the opponent and stops right before it will hit. The opposing bey may then attack and Warnado counters with the rubber, absorbing the attack then landing on top of the opponent with a large slam.

Air Buster: The opposing bey comes in to attack. The beyblade releases the air to push the opposing bey(s) away.

Regenerator W: The bey deposits a lot of air around it to make sure it loses less stamina by using only a small amount of the air sliced to improve stamina.

Special MoveEdit

Warnado Soul Gem: The bey stores tons of air, even more than Regenerator W. It then waits for the opposing bey to come near. Then, once it does, Warnado releases ALL wind stored, creating a large wind blast and a huge tornado. The opposing bey is then caught int he tornado and flung around. Since the tornado is counterclockwise, the opposing bey has to deal with critical amounts of damage.

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