Silence Zone Cockatrice MS:MK IV is a bey in the Double Strike series of beyblade and it is owned by 4everNura.

Extreme Face Bolt: CockatriceEdit

This facebolt has a split screen of a Rooster crowing and a dragon diving.

Double Strike Energy Ring: CockatriceEdit

Inside Ring: RoosterEdit

the Rooster Ring is shaped like four rooster combs, and fits inside the Dragon Ring, it is red and it is free spinning.

Outside Ring: DragonEdit

The Dragon Ring is shaped like four dragons wings, it is green and clips under the Rooster Ring.

Double Strike Fusion Wheel: Silence ZoneEdit

Part I: SilenceEdit

The Silence Wheel is a perfectly circular wheel that cancel's out al noise from the bey.

Part II: ZoneEdit

This Wheel has spring out parts which deploy when near the opposing bey to maximise hitting potential.

Part III: Silence Zone BoosterEdit

The Silence Zone Booster is a hollow wheel that contains small bearings for extra stamina.

Strike Spin Tip: Magnetic Snare:MK IVEdit

Part I: MSEdit

This part is as thick as a a fusion wheel, it is 2 tentacles the deploy to catch an opposing bey using magnets to bring the opposing bey closer so the Zone wheel can hit it.

Part II: MK IVEdit

The MK IV tip is a small free spinning sphere containing impossibly dense water that can be released to flood a stadium.

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