DarkusMaster84 Sprite
Also known as: Darkus, DM84
Biographical Information
Signature Beyblade(s): Chaos Blackout DM84
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Family: Unknown
Friends: HazeShot, Manaphy12342
Enemies: None
Occupation: Leader of Team Darkbreakers
Quote: "I Walk a Lonely Road. 01:01, June 10, 2011 (UTC)

"I'll Always Be There When You Need Me. 18:08, June 18, 2011 (UTC)""

Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Unknown

Shade is a Blader. He is the leader of Team Darkbreakers and uses Laughing Copycat LOLMI as his main Bey.

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