This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
BB-013 Scorpius 10S is the fourteenth release in the Micro Disk System via BB-012 Random B-Booster Vol. 2: Scorpius 10S . It is a Class-B Top.

Trajectory Cap: ScorpiusEdit

Scorpius is symbolized by a pair of Scorpions' claws left and right with a stinger going down the middle. (Trans. Sand Yellow)

Contact Ring: 10SEdit

10-Side is a Class-B Ring. It is considerably less common than 7S, 8S, or 9S.

Compound Spinpoint: Variable Neutral- Defense/FlatEdit

As the name implies, this part can change modes. The tip pulls out of the proprietary shaft and "flips" over for Defense or Flat modes. Attack or Defense, respectively. (Opaque Pale Yellow)

Body Shell: Downward Saw ShallowEdit

D2S has a series of small ripples along its bottom surface, making low strikes supposedly dangerous for its opponent. (Opaque Pale Yellow)

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