Sapphire Phoenix T:TC is a left spin Attack type is the evolution of Asteroid Phoenix FW175FWB owned by DragonManiac86.

Face: Phoenix IIEdit

This feature a Black Phoenix, with a red background.

Clear Wheel: Phoenix IIEdit

  • Weight: 3.21 grams

Phoenix II is black with six blue flames each 1 cm long. It is similar in design to the original Phoenix Clear Wheel, but has the colours of the Legend Version of Mercury.

Metal Wheel: SapphireEdit

  • Weight: 46.89 grams

This is separated into three parts, the PC Frame, Metal Frame and PC Core. It has a Phoenix design on it. The PC parts are Black, and the Metal Frame is Blue. Overall, the Metal Wheel is a Phoenix design.

PC Frame:Edit

  • Weight: 6.82 grams

This is quite a heavy PC Frame, and is black in colour. It's design is of two Phoenix's wings, similar to the design of the Eagle Clear Wheel from Earth Eagle.

Metal Frame:Edit

  • Weight: 36.07 grams

The Metal Frame's design is of two Phoenix's heads, one either side of the Metal Frame, to sit perfectly with the Phoenix's wings. It is blue in colour.

PC Core:Edit

  • Weight: 4.0 grams

It has a Phoenix's body on it, and can occur a Mode Change when rotated 180 degrees from Stamina Mode to Attack Mode. It is black in colour.

4D Bottom: Triple Tip Change (T:TC)Edit

  • Weight: 5.79 grams

Triple Tip Change, as its name suggests, has a Mode Change mechanism to allow it to change between three tips. The Tips are Metal Flat, Xtreme Flat and Wide Flat. The Tip it first activated in is Metal Flat, although it can change mid-battle. It is blue in colour and looks similar to Delta Drive.

Special Move:Edit

Sapphire Blast: Phoenix creates a sapphire beam and shoots it at the other beys.

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