This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
BB-016 Sadistic Scales is the seventeenth release in the Micro Disk System. It is a Class-A top.

Trajectory Cap: ScalesEdit

Scales is basically Libra, the literal symbol is comprised of "chains" making up the shape. (Trans. Dark Brown)

Contact Ring: SadisticEdit

Sadistic is a Class-A ring. It has a lightly embossed pattern of "barbs" coating the outside. The pattern is not exact, giving an all around distinct texture. This randomizes the recoil threshold.

Spinpoint: Bearing Sharp ShallowEdit

The second ever triple-bearing tip, sits lower than the generic (neutral) sharp tip. It aids in core balance while maintaining some lower height. (Trans. Ebony)

Spinpoint Shaft: Neutral ShaftEdit

A generic-height shaft focused on the core balance of the tip and focus on the basics of stamina. (Trans. Ebony)

Body Shell: Air Channel Tall/Semi-WideEdit

ACT/SW is a high-profile shell with an even circle of air-channels. This makes the body shell a touch lighter but aids in straigthening the spin (Not with airflow). (Trans. Ebony)

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